News for Pennsyslvania Libraries

September is Workforce Development Month.

Libraries are encouraged to engage with local workforce development organizations to let them know what the library offers and to learn about community needs.  Build a relationship now, so that you can call on each other as partners as opportunities arise.

Did you know that ALL residents of Pennsylvania can access online skills training from beginner to advanced levels with access provided by the Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry to SkillUp™ PA?

Actions you and your library can take:

  • Download and use resources from the Digital Toolkit online to promote SkillUp™ PA to your community by printing and posting flyers or sharing on social media.
  • Tell your library staff about SkillUp™ PA, which is also linked from the POWER Library PA Job Resources page.
  • Libraries are employers too.  Consider asking your staff to sign up for an account and to create a personal professional development training plan on the platform to advance their own skills.  There are skill tracks designed for employees at all levels and in most specialties, including Computer Skills, Digital Literacy, Retail/Service (including Customer Service, Interaction, and Conflicts), Leadership, Accounting, Finances, and so much more.   Library staff can improve their own skills with these online courses.  The software provides a printable certificate stating the name of the course and the date it was completed for documentation of continuing education purposes.

Feel free to share your stories via this online form about how SkillUp™ PA has helped your library and community or let us know your stories about engaging with workforce development partners.