Virtual Author Talk: Ashley Nicole Walkowiak
Date: April 20, 2022
Time: Noon – 1 PM

Ashley Nichole discusses her book of poetry and photographs, Found. Still lost. Join her for a poetry reading and practical discussion on living with the weight of our life experiences.

About the book: Found. Still lost. is an empowering collection of poetry and images exploring the depths of trauma and inviting us all to heal through the validation of our innermost feelings.

Trauma can leave us juggling feelings of shock, confusion, denial, and grief. Experiencing trauma can manifest physical conditions such as anxiety, panic, headaches, dizziness, poor concentration, and flashbacks. Feelings of detachment, isolation from family and friends, and struggling to complete typical daily tasks are all common responses to trauma.

One of the best ways to combat the effects of trauma is to remind ourselves that our emotions are the mind’s healthy ways of coping with extraordinary events. This is what we find in the pages of Found. Still lost. where we are all invited to be present with the discomfort of loss, violation, and daily struggles of the human condition.

About the author: Ashley Nichole Walkowiak began studying film and darkroom photography at the age of thirteen. After a sexual assault left her riddled with PTSD, she put down her camera for several years but never lost her passion for the arts. Believing that the purpose and power of art is understanding and connection, Ashley later continued to write and photograph life while working with a trauma therapist on her healing journey.

Ashley has held several community art curator positions and has a life coach art therapy certification. She’s the author and artist of Found. Still lost. – a book centered around living through grief and loss – published by Sunbury Press. Now a wife and mother of three, she works for the Pennsylvania Office of Victim Advocate, where she amplifies the voice of crime victims and works to cultivate societal change that will lessen violence in our communities. When she’s not chasing her kids and advocating for victims’ rights, Ashley can be found at the Cumberland County Commission for Women and working on her next book – a memoir of using art to overcome trauma.

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