State Aid Library Subsidy Application Trainings

The State Aid Library Subsidy Application (SALSA) is required to be completed by entities desiring to receive Incentive for Excellence Aid and/or Quality Libraries Aid.  Prior to the opening of the application within the Counting Opinions’ LibPAS platform, please watch the tutorial geared for your library type within the PA Library Staff Academy.

To access the trainings, please use the appropriate link for your library:

  • State Aid Library Subsidy Application – Federated System Members Libraries
    • This tutorial is geared towards libraries that are members of a federated library system. Libraries that receive their state aid funds through a system administration should review this tutorial. (System headquarter libraries are considered members of the federation and should complete this tutorial.)

The purpose of the 2023 SALSA ensures that an entity is eligible to apply for state aid, verifies that the entity is meeting the standards that qualify them to receive different levels of aid, and provides an opportunity to request a waiver for certain standards that may not have been met in the past reporting year.

We anticipate opening the 2023 State Aid Library Subsidy Application during the week of July 10, 2023, with the deadline for completion being 11:59 PM on Sunday, October 1, 2023.

More information will be forthcoming concerning open office hours and other tools that will be available to assist you in completing the SALSA.

For questions or concerns associated with the State Aid Library Subsidy Application, please contact the State Aid Team at