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Is Your Library Providing Environmental Programs? 2019 Pennsylvania Statewide Environmental Education Survey

Is your library providing Environmental programs?

The Pennsylvania Department of Education needs your help to better understand the Environmental Education Landscape across the Commonwealth. Follow the survey link to help shine a spotlight on awesome opportunities, better understand the gaps, and provide deeper experiences for students and teachers.

This project will assess the current status and needs of environmental education (EE) in Pennsylvania through a survey focused on understanding statewide organizations and schools engaged in teaching and learning about the environment. Results will be used to increase the capacity of environmental education, including addressing high needs areas for professional development. You will be asked to provide information such as: EE programming and operations, professional development needs, and knowledge of watershed education practices.

The survey asks for personal identifiable information. This information will only be available to the evaluation staff in order to allow them to follow up with questions or to confirm the individual’s existence within the organization or school being surveyed. By completing and submitting this survey you are consenting to have your answers, not including personal identifiable information, used in future reporting and used in evaluating environmental education in Pennsylvania.

Participation is voluntary, and can be terminated at any time with no negative consequences. Your confidentiality will be maintained and data will only be reported in aggregate. All survey responses will be kept in a secure, password protected server sponsored by Millersville University. In compliance with Federal law, they will be kept for three years, at which time any content with identifying information will be destroyed. Question about the Institutional Review Board (IRB) and IRB oversight can be directed towards Dr. Rene Munoz, Millersville University Director of Sponsored Research,  717-871-4457.

Please note this survey may take about 15 minutes to complete. Providing estimates for answers is fine, in depth research by you or your organization or school is not necessary. One response should be submitted for each non-formal environmental education provider organization. Classroom teachers should respond individually, not limited to one per school.

This survey is an initiative of the statewide PA Environmental Literacy and Watershed Education Task Force led by Stroud Water Research Center, PA Department of Education, PA Department of Environmental Protection, PA Bureau of State Parks, PA Association of Environmental Educators, Millersville University, and Chesapeake Bay Foundation – Harrisburg, PA Office with funding from NOAA Chesapeake Bay Office.

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