News for Pennsyslvania Libraries

Who do you know who stars in one of these videos?
Watch the Pennsylvania Ilead Teams’ videos from the March session of ILEAD USA Pennsylvania!

The following teams introduce their community problem, which they will solve with a participatory technology product, in creative ways:

ALT (Adult Literacy Team)
Job Squad
Memory Masters

ILEAD USA: Innovative Librarians Explore, Apply and Discover
, is a continuing education library immersion program, supported by grant funding from the Institute of Museum and Library Services, which combines web technologies’ skills building with leadership training, in order to increase exposure of services, engage libraries’ constituents, and provide opportunities for collaborating on innovative projects.

ILEAD USA fosters the development of team projects over a nine month period through a combination of intermittent face-to-face meetings with online technology training sessions. At the end of nine months, each team presents their project to the entire ILEAD USA audience, with the goal of either sustaining these projects as ongoing library programs or directly applying the knowledge gained from ILEAD USA to future collaborative projects.