An exciting collection of new E-books were recently added to the POWER Library.

Read PDE’s Press Release and then share the news widely with library patrons and staff.

In an effort to advance digital literacy and technology skills for Pennsylvanians, Office of Commonwealth Libraries has made available to all Pennsylvania residents via POWER Library an enhanced collection of E-books in the subject areas of digital literacy, computer technology, computer programming, careers in technology, networking, data, cloud computing, advanced software, information literacy, and so much more.

Pennsylvanians can access the E-books with a public library card, POWER Library e-card, or access through a connected school by visiting POWER Library and using the Find e-resources link at the top of the page, then look for the resources by title:

  • Gale E-books has 66 new titles targeted for elementary through high school students to help learn computer safety, privacy, and media and information literacy.
  • EBSCO E-books has almost 900 new titles that support learners of all skill levels, from beginner to advanced in all areas of technology, including hardware and software basics to more advanced technology books to help you learn more to earn more.  Find specific technology topics and titles to appeal to adults in technology careers.  Look for keywords like Ansible, Apache, AWS, Azure, DevOps, Django, Godot, Grafana, Java, Kubernetes, Microsoft, .net, Python, Rust, Swift, Unity, and so much more to find e-book materials and guides to using current and cutting-edge technologies.

Nearly 1,000 new e-books added! New titles on digital literacy, computer programming, and more. FInd them in EBSCO eBooks and Gale Ebooks

Ideas for Libraries:

  • Promote the availability of the new titles to all library patrons:
    • Share forward information about E-books available via POWER Library on your social media.
    • Reach out to your connections with workforce groups, community and economic development orgs, community based organizations, schools, and adult education to share the good news of these resources.
    • Consider placing signs near your existing technology books, letting people know there are more online, or adding a reference point in your catalog to additional content in POWER Library in the subject areas.
  • Let library staff know about the collection so they can tell patrons and for their own use.
    • Public services staff, staff teaching digital skills classes, and your technology focused staff may be amazed at what they can find and use to advance library technology projects, learning, and professional development.
    • Make collection development staff aware of the titles to reduce duplication of e-book purchases.  Many of the new titles have unlimited access, only a small portion are limited in simultaneous access.
    • Take time to practice accessing titles and learn how to support customer access to these titles.  Most can be viewed in a web browser and for users who like to read on the go, titles are accessible via the EBSCO Mobile application.
    • Consider doing a book review or topic talk about technology books in the collection and where to find the latest titles.
  • Include the Press Release or this message in the next packet to your library board.  Make sure trustees are aware of new e-book content in the technology and digital literacy subject area and encourage them to tell people in their networks too.