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One of the Professional Development Scholarship priorities is Web Accessibility training.  (Check out this site to learn about website accessibility and why it’s important).
Find training and apply for up to $1200 reimbursable for registration, travel and/or lodging!  Learn more about the grant!
The deadline is May 13 to apply for training events from June 1 through September 30.

Here are two possibilities you may want to consider.

WebAim Training:  (In-person training)
This training is primarily suited for web developers, though will be valuable for designers, program managers, quality assurance experts, or anyone interested in gaining a deep understanding of web accessibility. A basic understanding of HTML is recommended
When: July 19–20, 2016
Where: Logan, Utah
Cost: $850/person ($700 per person for groups of two or more) training session will teach basic web accessibility principles to advanced accessibility techniques.  Also, Learn what you need to know to ensure that your web site meets legal guidelines and international standards

Webucator training:
In this web accessibility class, students will learn why and how to create websites that meet the Section 508 standards for website accessibility. This class targets non-designers, project managers, testers, and decision makers – i.e, people who will be responsible for understanding, creating, and enforcing web accessibility guidelines. Students attending this class do not need to have expert knowledge of web design. They cover the basics of HTML and CSS on the first day.

This Web Accessibility and Section 508 Training for Managers class is a combination of the following courses:

When: June 8-10 OR June 27-29 OR July 25-27
Where:  Online
Cost:  $1425