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Work for the Office of Commonwealth Libraries!

Glenn R. Miller, Acting Deputy Secretary and Commisioner for Libraries
Glenn Miller, Deputy Secretary & Commissioner for Libraries

Have you ever considered working for the Office of Commonwealth Libraries?

The work that we do here is very meaningful.  It allows you to have a real impact on libraries of all types across Pennsylvania.  Just a few of our recent projects have included:

  • POWER Library
  • Leadership training for school, public, academic and special librarians;
  • Innovative STEM projects for public and school libraries; and
  • Early learning programs at public libraries.

Personally, I’ve found my work very rewarding.  That’s why I’m pleased to announce that the Commonwealth’s State Civil Service Commission is now accepting applications for School Library Development Advisor.

While there are not any immediate openings, we believe openings may occur over the next few months.  But first, in order to be considered, you must be on the civil service list.

How to Apply – No Exam Required!
It’s easy to apply.  Go to: to find the link to the relevant position.

Once there, you’ll find details on the position along with the educational and experience requirements and the position’s duties.

After you’ve reviewed the position requirements, go to: to create a civil service account and begin the submission process.

(A Note about the ‘Examination’: While the  application materials refer to an “examination,” a test is not part of the process.  The ‘test’ is merely an online form in which you submit your resume and credentials to the Civil Service Commission.  Your credentials are then ‘graded’ by the Civil Service Commission as to how well your experience and education match the position’s requirements.)

Application Deadline
Applications will be accepted through early 2018.  However, should an opening occur sooner, individuals who have already submitted their credentials will be considered for employment immediately.

Don’t wait —  submit your application today!  This will get your name on the civil service list so that you can be considered for one of our openings.

Remember, there is no obligation just by completing the application.  The application is just the formal way to register your interest.  We can then help you consider whether a Library Development Advisor is a good match for your career objectives.

Glenn R. Miller
  |  Deputy Secretary & Commissioner for Libraries
Pennsylvania Department of Education  |  Office of Commonwealth Libraries
Room 200 Forum Building
607 South Drive  |  Harrisburg, PA  17120-0600
Phone:  717-783-2466  |  |  @PaDeptofEd  |

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The mission of the Department of Education is to ensure that every learner has access to a world-class education system that academically prepares children and adults to succeed as productive citizens. Further, the Department seeks to establish a culture that is committed to improving opportunities throughout the commonwealth by ensuring that technical support, resources, and optimal learning environments are available for all students, whether children or adults.

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