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Digital Citizenship: New Roles and Responsibilities in the Digital Age
Today’s digital world is redefining “citizenship.” All of us—from digital natives to later adopters—need to learn how to be good citizens, to be safe, responsible and respectful participants in this new world. Digital citizenship requires a whole-community approach among parents, kids, librarians, educators, and the broader community. Learn about free resources covering a range of topics including Internet Safety, Cyberbullying, Digital Footprints, Copyright, and more.

The Name of the Game: Playing Tabletop Games to Build 21st Century Skills
As hubs of lifelong learning, public libraries are always seeking new strategies to cultivate 21st century skills in their community members. The deeper we move into this century, the more critical it becomes for people to hone skills like communication, collaboration, critical thinking, global awareness and creativity. Your patrons can strengthen these skill sets while also having fun in a social setting — through playing tabletop games at the library.

Help Teens Build Financial Well-Being
As children grow, their potential to manage money and understand financial concepts grows as well. The knowledge, skills, and behaviors kids learn when they are young lay the groundwork for their financial well-being as adults, and libraries can play a role in building these important financial literacy skills.