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Watch LIVE Presentations from ILEAD USA July 12-14


Watch eight LIVE Streamed ILEAD USA presentations July 12-14!

Join us for Introduction to Code Manipulation, Social Media, Raspberry Pi, Open Source, Animated Videos, Creating Games with Scratch and MaKey MaKey, and User Centered Design.  These presentations will be live streamed from the Office of Commonwealth Libraries’ ILEAD USA sessions, held at Harrisburg University.  All instructors have donated their time and expertise!

Please encourage your co-workers to click in and watch too!  This is our second time to offer live streaming.  We appreciate your interest and patience as we offer live-streaming again!

You can learn more about ILEAD USA on POWER Library!

Following are the live streamed presentation times, descriptions and links.  Access the instructor bios. 

Tuesday, July 12

8:15am      Carolyn Blatchley
Beginner’s Guide to Code Manipulation
Live Streamed at   [aprox 1 hour]
Do you find yourself faced with a need to tweak code in various library software products, but  when you see all those crazy characters on the screen, you feel stuck?  Coding, in short, is hard. Most modern web tools use a combination of HTML, XML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP, and MySQL. If you are not a programmer, you probably won’t learn all of these languages, but you can learn what  they are, and use resources to make edits in certain types of code.  In this session, we will focus on learning the differences between different code types, some of the syntax of HTML and best practices for writing and editing your code. With a few simple lines, you’ll be able to create links and bulleted list control styles (fonts, colors and more), and find out how HTML works with CSS and JavaScript to create rich, engaging user experiences.  You will not become an expert, but hopefully you will not run away from coding opportunities in fear.

9:30am      Katie Goodling,  Social Media Manager at WebFX
Social Media                             

Live Streamed at   [aprox 1 hour]

10:30am    Cody Kinneer
Raspberry Pi and People Counter
Live Streamed at   [aprox 2 hours]
Using Raspberry Pi’s.  Interested in getting started using Raspberry Pi’s?  This presentation will give you the components needed to build the hardware and load the operating system to start your adventure with Raspberry Pi.  In addition, a successful implementation of an electronic people counter will be demonstrated and discussed.  [part of class will be hands-on and may not broadcast well] 

1:15pm     John Brice
Open Source
Live Streamed at   [aprox 1 hour]
Open Source is a topic that is gaining more and more notice in the Library world. Open Source  software can be an appropriate platform to use in a library or to share with patrons to use in  their own projects. This presentation will cover the following questions:  What is open source?   What is an open source community? How can a library use Open Source?  What are the practical and legal restrictions?  And how much is free going to cost?

2:15pm    Michael Hayward
Raspberry Pi and Signage
Live Streamed at  [aprox 2 hours]      Learn how your library can take advantage of the affordable Raspberry Pis! These small computers can create beautiful digital signage, run small servers for websites or databases for internal or external use, set up wireless printing website when combined with Google Cloud Printing service, utilize Amazon’s Echo service to answer children’s most thought provoking questions, or teach your patrons the basics of programming.  That’s just the tip of the iceberg!
[part of class is hands-on and may not broadcast well]

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

8:15am    Sara Frey
Animated Videos
Live Streamed at   [aprox 1 hour]
Use free online tools to create short animated videos for presentations and websites.

10:30am   Dana Farabaugh
Creating Games with Scratch and MaKey MaKey
Live Streamed at  [aprox 2 hours]
Learn to create games, animations, simulations and more using Scratch,  an easy-to-use online programming language developed by MIT.  Also learn how to use MaKey MaKey to turn any conductive material into a controller. [part of class is hands-on and may not broadcast well]

Thursday July 14, 2016

8:15am      Nathaniel Rasmussen
User Centered Design
Live Streamed at  [aprox 1 hour]
More and more, our patrons are turning to our website(s) alone or in conjunction with physical library visits to meet their service and resource needs. With limited resources, library staff need to make informed decisions on how to invest in their digital branch. Responding to our patrons needs to be efficient, and we need both a process and a culture to sustain our effort. Learn techniques, tips, and attitudes from Schlow Centre Region Library’s recent strategic effort to reinvent our online presence.

ILEAD USA is funded by the Institute for Museum and Library Services.  Harrisburg University is donating the venue and providing the Live Streaming capability, operated by Jesse Noonan, from the Office of Commonwealth Libraries.

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