Updated Course on Weeding | Compendium

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Key learning objectives of this course include:

  • Developing clarity and decisiveness around the reasons for weeding your library collection.
  • Identifying print and online resources to aid in planning an effective weeding program.
  • Adapting published weeding guidelines to develop criteria for weeding their collection.
  • Developing a weeding plan for the library which includes a schedule, criteria for specific subject areas and material types, and procedures.
  • Explaining positive solutions to avoid common pitfalls and problems with weeding such as “unweedable” gifts, “sacred” memorial donations, the “recommended collection size” trap, fear of admitting a selection error, and others.
  • Incorporating weeding in the library’s collection management policy.
  • Identify tools associated with automated library catalogs that can assist in weeding such as inventory reports, collection age reports, and others

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