Tips for Rural Library Directors and Survey Results | Compendium

Webinar with Tips!
WebJunction recently held a webinar: Know thy Community: Tips for Rural Library Directors. Jennifer Pearson shared her experience and advice for rural library directors. If you’re a new director, or thinking about becoming one, Jennifer’s tips can help you get started in your community. Check out this recap of the webinar which includes 10 practical tips, and you can also watch the recording of the webinar in the WebJunction Course Catalog.

Rural Library Survey Results
Check out WebJunction content too!   A recent survey of rural libraries conducted by the University of Wyoming shows the variety of programs and initiatives that are offered in rural communities by local libraries. In addition to the findings from the survey, this article also includes links to resources to help serve older adults and seniors.

Past Webinars
If you can’t attend a live session, all WebJunction webinars are recorded and available for free in the course catalog.