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Did you miss Sue Banks’ pre-Thanksgiving voice email?  If so, here it is below! 
Look for future “Suecasts” on the listservs and here in the Compendium!

Sue Banks

Sue Banks, Director of the Bureau of Library Development


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

It’s been one year since I came to OCL and Harrisburg from my previous perch in Pittsburgh at Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh.

I wanted to commemorate the occasion by doing a kind of “Annual Report” – sharing some of the things I’ve learned and some of the things that we’re doing now – and in the coming year – in which we want everyone to participate.

Because I’m a big consumer of podcasts, I decided to do it the form of recorded sound.  Thanks to Jesse Noonan from our Digitization Team currently stationed at the State Museum for lending me the podcasting equipment.  

You can listen to it here. Here is a text version of the message for those who can’t listen.

One of my “new year” resolutions is to keep in better contact with everyone, so I’m planning to take a page out of my hero Daniel Pink’s operating manual and share short 2-3 minute audio messages on a more regular basis, featuring news, updates and interviews with the people who are doing the exciting work of designing excellent and equitable library services for the people of Pennsylvania.

I’d love to hear what YOU have going on – and if you’d like to talk with me about what you’re doing on a future “Suecast,” email me!



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