State Library STEMlab Opens Lending Library | Compendium

The State Library of Pennsylvania STEMlab announces the offering of a full lending library of STEM resources for public and school libraries.

Starting today, July 9, 2024, library staff across the commonwealth of Pennsylvania can place requests to borrow kits, books, and materials that can be used to present STEM powered library programs for children or adults.

Examples of these materials include Lego and other robotics sets, windmills, balsa racers, single board computers (SBCs) like Arduino and Raspberry Pi, and many others. In addition, the STEMlab contains both STEM-based children’s books and curriculum/activity titles, which also circulate. These materials are ready for your library to borrow and plan for a literacy-based STEM program.

To see the STEM resources available to your library, use the Discovery Collections tab at the State Library catalog at, or go directly to the STEMlab Collection at

When you find items you would like to borrow for a six week lending period, request the materials by completing the online form at this address:  State Library staff can prepare a shipment for you to sample and learn the material and/or use it in your program.

The STEMlab continues to offer training and programs on STEM topics for Pennsylvanians and for library staff. The training includes train-the-trainer models, information and practice with materials available for borrow, and topical bimonthly sessions. In addition, STEMlab library personnel will accept requests to arrange virtual or onsite library staff training, team building, and resources for staff to develop in depth STEM knowledge.

Refer to the PA Library Staff Academy to find past and future recorded trainings.  Most trainings conducted by or under the auspices of the STEMlab are recorded and shared there. You can also find the resources and trainings linked on the STEMlab Libguide. Topics range from biofuels to DNA to math for kids. Look for new topics to be added frequently.

The STEMlab supports library training and programming needs at no cost to your local library. Contact STEMlab staff for assistance with programs and other questions, at