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State Library of Pennsylvania Presents MakerEd!

Announcement and Schedule of Spring/Summer 2017 Classes

In 2016, the State Library of Pennsylvania applied on behalf of itself and any public library willing to partner with us to become part of the MakerEd Corps. We were accepted, and will be sharing program resources and information with libraries across the state that wish to participate in STEM programming for the summer of 2017!  Your child can participate at the State Library in Harrisburg.  We are also offering professional development classes to teachers and librarians in the Makerspace. Act 48 credits are available for these programs. 

What is the Library’s Makerspace?
A Library’s Makerspace is a place for kids and patrons to experiment with technology.  Ours contains computers with Autodesk and coding software, several types of robot kits, Raspberry Pi and Arduino kits, and, of course, 3D printers. Outside of the summer programs, the Makerspace is open by appointment for patrons and school groups five days per week, plus the second Saturday of the month.

What can I do at the Makerspace?
The summer program at the State Library of Pennsylvania will have the theme of anatomy and physiology. Students for this program should have an interest in Biology, Medicine, Zoology, or Microbiology, or a willingness to work with someone who does. Programs will take place in the State Library’s Makerspace, which is located on the second floor of the Forum Building in Harrisburg.  Class times and dates are below.

All classes are FREE and open to middle or high school aged students.  Registration is easy!  Just contact Ellen Shenk at or 717-783-5969.

Makerspace Classes: 
Spring/Summer 2017

March 3 SciGirls Connect – Professional Development 8:30 am-5 pm
March 17 Great Molasses Disaster for kids 10-12 am
April 21 Science of Star Wars Professional Development 10-2
May 19 Wildlife Forensics Professional Development 10-3
June 7 Anatomy and Physiology for kids – Skeletal System 10-2
June 8 Paleontology for kids 2-4
June 14 Anatomy and Physiology for kids – Muscular System & Biomechanics 10-2
June 16 Tetrix robotics for kids 10-3
June 19 Open Source Science Professional Development 10-3
June 21 Anatomy and Physiology for kids – Nervous System 10-2
June 28 Anatomy and Physiology for kids – Cardiovascular System & Respiratory System 10-2
July 5 Anatomy and Physiology for kids – Digestive System 10-2
July 6 Microbiology for Kids 10-2
July 10 Viral Outbreak Professional Development 10-3
July 11 Vaccines and Genetics Professional Development 10-3
July 12 Anatomy and Physiology for kids – Cell Specialization & Organs 10-2
July 19 Anatomy and Physiology for kids –  Fetal Pig Dissection 10-2
July 20 Viral Outbreak for Kids 10-2
July 26 Anatomy and Physiology for kids –  Microbiology 10-2
July 27 Neuroscience for Kids 10-2
August 2 Anatomy and Physiology for kids – Cell Division & Cancer 10-2
August 4 Evolution and Anthropology for Kids 10-1
August 7 Homeland Security Professional Development 10-3
August 9 Anatomy and Physiology for kids – Global Health & Epidemics 10-2
August 16 Anatomy and Physiology for kids – Program Wrap-up 10-2
September 8th Microbiology Professional Development 10-3

All classes are at the State Library of Pennsylvania in Room 204, Forum Building, 607 South Drive, Harrisburg, PA  17120

Questions? Contact  (717)783-5969

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