Attention: Libraries who are interested in providing electric vehicle charging infrastructure

For full details and a press release about an opportunity to support electric vehicle infrastructure, please see:

Shapiro Administration Continues Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Progress, Sets Date to Open Additional Funding Round


Brief: There’s an opportunity (opening December 11, 2023)  for some PA locations to receive partial grant funding to help build electric vehicle infrastructure.  Learn about the opportunity and check the Pennsylvania Round 1A NEVI Funding Opportunity Eligibilty Information dashboard to see if your community or library is located near one of the priority funding areas.

Sharing this opportunity forward supports OCL’s 5 Year Plan Goal 1: Statewide Infrastructure, Project Area 1.3 Environmental ImpactStrong libraries will work with community partners and their public to plan and be prepared for this and for other future-ready infrastructure funding opportunities that promote environmental sustainability and acknowledge and combat the impact of climate change and limited natural resources.