This is part of a series of Session Notes from grantees who have received Professional Development grants from the Office of Commonwealth Libraries. Each grantee will share their professional development experience and include tips and other resources from the workshop or class. Grantees had their choice of an article for the Compendium, a webinar or a podcast. This project was made possible by the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

Jacqueline K. Smith

Jacqueline K. Smith


by Jacqueline K. Smith

I applied for and received a Professional Development Grant for continuing education from the state of PA.  The workshop, Learning QuickBooks, was sponsored by Intuit and was held over two days in Pittsburgh at the Crown Royal Plaza.  The method of instruction was in a focused group classroom setting with all information supplied by PowerPoint presentations, screen shots, workbooks and a very knowledgeable instructor.  There was no hands on training; I did not have a computer in front of me.  A lecture format was used.  Of course, the primary data presented dealt with how to set up Quick Books and how to use the various features of the program.  At the conclusion of the workshop, I received a certificate which authorizes me to take a test and become certified in the use of Quick Books for my professional venue.  Also, I received fourteen continuing education credits for completing the program.  There were some minor inconveniences.  The room was cold.  I felt at a slight disadvantage because others in the group were more knowledgeable about Quick Books than I was.  I would have liked more “hands on” individual instruction.

However, the instructor was friendly, helpful, and well-informed on the material.  She allowed plenty of time for questions.  The materials and information were excellent and well organized.  The physical environment that of a classroom, made staying focused easy.

I would recommend this training program.  Although I feel the entire plan is too extensive for my library, there are parts that I can use to track payroll, budget, grants and donors.