REALM Literature Review and New Toolkit Resources Available | Compendium

REALM literature review and new toolkit resources available

Systematic literature review 

This third systematic literature review of SARS-CoV-2 research published through November 2020 summarizes current research on how the virus spreads, its survival on materials and surfaces, and the effectiveness of various prevention and decontamination measures.

Toolkit resources 

New toolkit materials with resources and information on vaccines, reopening considerations, social distancing measures, and virtual programming are also available:

  • Vaccines: Resource roundup: collection of curated information and resources about vaccines that can help to answer common COVID-19-related questions
  • Reopening Considerations: this document synthesizes information in reopening plans that have been generously shared by libraries, archives, and museums
  • Social distancing: Resource roundup: resources to help provide guidance on social distancing measures while serving the public and keeping staff safe
  • Virtual programming: Resource roundup: examples and resources for conducting successful virtual programs and meeting people where they are—online

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