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Presidential Primary Source Project

The National Park Service, National Archive Presidential Libraries, and other cultural and historic organizations will deliver a series of 20 free interactive videoconferencing programs aimed at grades 6-12 as part of the Presidential Primary Source Project (PPSP).   Each program will also be streamed live (courtesy of MAGPI) and archived for on demand viewing.  Idaho Education Network will be providing video bridging services for each program.

This year’s program series has grown to include 10 participating historic sites and libraries and will explore, through the extensive use of primary source documents, how various presidential administrations have influenced and shaped the human and civil rights issues of their day.

This effort not only offers K-12 students worldwide unique, high quality learning experiences but also highlights the limitless partnership opportunities supported by our strong and diverse research and education networking community.

Please consider spreading the word by sharing the following program flyer with interested folks within your local community.

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