OCL’s 5-Year Plan for 2023-2028 | Compendium

This is a link to the Office of Commonwealth Library (OCL)’s new 5-year Plan which we share in advance of our “OCL Plans for the Future” presentation on October 17 at the Pennsylvania Library Association annual conference.  In addition to that discussion, we hope to have several more opportunities to explore the plan and its implementation with libraries across the Commonwealth over the next few months.

Please look it over and provide any feedback via the link to a Microsoft Form in the left menu bar of the LibGuide. Submit that form as many times as you like to indicate the areas of the plan about which you have questions or that you feel most impact your work, library or community.  We will bring your comments and questions into our presentation on Monday, October 16 and keep them in mind as we design the implementation of the plan. The feedback/interest form will remain open throughout the next year.

In related news, we will also be sharing information and links to a new long-rang plan for the Keystone Grants for Public Library Facilities. More information about that program will be available on the State Library’s website and soon on PA Library Staff Academy.

Thanks for your input. All of us at OCL are excited to embark on the implementation of our new plans. We believe this path leads to a more stable, equitable and excellent library future for every Pennsylvanian.

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