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Meet Chris Papst, Author of Capital Murder, and Be Part of the Audience of C-SPAN BOOK TV at the State Library!

Chris Papst will be at the Law Library, State Library of Pennsylvania on August 25th from 12:00pm to 1:00pm.  Be part of the audience as C-SPAN BOOK TV films the event!

From Papst’s website:

“In late 2011, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania became the first – and only – capital city in American history to file for bankruptcy.  For four years, investigative reporter Chris Papst provided award-winning coverage of this unprecedented financial collapse.  Now, he has released a book sharing his experiences while detailing what went wrong.

Capital Murder reveals Harrisburg’s fatal mistakes and shares the personal stories of those who suffered most via its failed government.  Capital Murder is a cautionary tale of what can happen when government is not adequately monitored.  It portrays in vivid and personal detail how life deteriorates under an inept or dishonest administration.   Every municipality in America should understand what happened to Harrisburg to avoid a similar fate.  As Americans, we must ensure that what happened to Harrisburg does not happen to any other city.”

About the author:

Chris Papst, author of the narrative non-fiction book Capital Murder, which was first released in April of 2015, is currently an investigative reporter for the ABC News affiliate in Washington, DC.  Before that, Mr. Papst spent four years in Harrisburg covering the city’s extraordinary financial collapse.

Capital Murder is available at local bookstores and through Sunbury Press at > Our Books > New Releases. If you would like your copy to be signed, please purchase your book in advance; the State Library of Pennsylvania does not sell the book.

Questions should be directed to Ellen Shenk at 717.783.5969 or

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