Make Change: A Penny for Your Thoughts | Compendium

By Angie Andre and Amy Ambler

Libraries all across Pennsylvania are already using PA Forward’s five literacies to help design programs, offer services, and identify partners. But what you may not know is that there is a convenient place to promote these literacies, get ideas, and be a library advocate, all at the same time: the PA Forward Commons.

The PA Forward Commons is a database that manages literacy programs, services, and resources offered by public, academic, and school libraries to build PA Forward literacy skills in the communities they serve. Librarians have such brilliant ideas that incorporate the literacies (Basic, Information, Civic & Social, Financial, and Health), and this database provides an easily accessible way to collaborate and share ideas to move PA forward.

We all know what it’s like to work in difficult financial times, and our fellow library staff are some of our best resources. The PA Forward Commons is the place to “Take a Penny” (use an idea) and “Leave a Penny” (share an idea). We are excited to see more librarians interact with this helpful resource, as well as contribute their own ideas via the PA Forward Commons Submission Form.

The PA Forward Commons is not only a place to get ideas, it is also a place to promote the literacies and make change. By sharing your ideas in the Commons, you become a library advocate: PaLA can use your stories to help elected officials, community leaders, organizational partners, and the public understand the vital role libraries play in helping Pennsylvanians build their literacy skills.

We encourage you to browse the Commons to make heads or tails of the literacies and see how your ideas can inspire libraries of all sizes and let others spark your own creativity.

The PA Forward Commons was developed thanks to the hard work of many people in PaLA, including graduates of the PaLA Academy of Leadership Studies from 2014 and 2015.