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Keystone Grant Announcement

2018 Keystone Recreation, Park and Conservation Fund Grants for Public Libraries

The Office of Commonwealth Libraries invites applications for the 2018 Keystone Grants for Public Libraries program. These grants are funded through the Keystone Recreation, Park and Conservation Fund.

A competitive grant application process is used to award matching grants to municipalities that sponsor state-aided public libraries. These grants may be used for planning, acquisition, construction and rehabilitation of public library facilities as outlined in the General Guidelines. To be eligible, the sponsoring municipality and the board of the state-aided library must jointly submit an application developed cooperatively by both entities and signed by their governing bodies.

The maximum Keystone grant award is $750,000 and requires a dollar-for-dollar match. Applicants must show matching funds on hand at the time of the application. There is no minimum amount that may be requested.

Applicants must submit a complete application to the Office of Commonwealth Libraries, postmarked on or before June 15, 2018.

The Office of Commonwealth Libraries expects to notify applicants by early September whether they have been awarded a grant.

You can find the Application and related Keystone information by visiting the website of the State Library of Pennsylvania and clicking the For Libraries link, then Subsidies and Grants, then Keystone.

Click here to access the Keystone grant documents via the State Library website.

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Please send any questions about the Keystone Grants for Public Libraries process to or call Ed Lupico at 717-783-5747.

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