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Gale Topic Collections (InfoTrac Collections) added to POWER Library Portal

Gale Topic Collections (InfoTrac Collections) added to POWER Library Portal

In addition to the new Gale e-resources that have been presented on the POWER Library Portal since August 1, there are also 29 additional topic collections (InfoTrac Collections) available if a user navigates to the “Gale Databases” link available from within most of the Gale e-resources.  The Gale Topic Collections are now also available from the POWER Library Portal. The topics covered in the collections range from agriculture to world history with the 29 e-resources covering business information, communications, diversity, environment, fine arts, hospitality, military, nursing, pop culture, psychology, religion, and more.

To access these collections, visit the “List all” list of e-resources and select the “Gale Topic Collections” icon.  Selecting that icon will produce a webpage that presents the Gale Topic Collections in alphabetical order. The Gale Topic Collections are subsets of titles that focus on a specific topic. Please note that the titles available in all of the Gale Topic Collections are searched at once when a user performs a search in Power Search.  Using a Gale Topic Collection to perform a search will limit the search to titles regarding that topic.

Can I provide a direct link to a Gale Topic Collection from my website?
Yes! There is a unique link available for each Gale Topic Collection and you can obtain the link for your library in the Links Generator available in the POWER Library – For Librarians at:

If you have any questions, please contact HSLC Support at

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