FREE NNLM Classes: Bibliometrics, Diversity | Compendium

The National Network Library of Medicine (NN/LM) is offering the following FREE classes; MLA cfredit is offered.  Click the title for more information.

Bibliometrics, Altmetrics, & the Question of Research Impact
January 17, 2018  4:00pm-5:pm
This session addresses the history and evolution of meaningful metrics in higher education. Topics to be discussed include the pros and cons of bibliometrics; the rise and risks of altmetrics; tools for tracing researcher impact; and the influence of different venues and disciplines on impact communication.

Beyond the SEA: Disrupting Diversity Narratives: Introducing Critical Conversations in Libraries
February 1, 2018 2:00-3:00pm
Participants of the webinar will be able to:
• Identify ways in which cultural competencies are addressed in current library diversity plans
• Explore the differences among the terms “diversity,” “inclusion,” and “equity”
• Develop a foundational understanding of critical race theory
• Challenge current rhetoric around diversity in order to achieve socially just outcomes