FREE Book: Investing in Rural Prosperity | Compendium

Pennsylvania libraries, especially those in rural areas, may want to share the ebook link with rural community leaders or request a print copy to add to the library collection of the new title Investing in Rural Prosperity, published by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.

The book outlines the “TRIC” framework that proposes the most successful rural development efforts are tailored to the specific goals, assets, and organizational infrastructure of the community; designed to be resilient to changing circumstances; intentionally inclusive about who is at the decision-making table and who benefits from local development; and are created and carried out through a collaborative process.

Libraries can share this resource or use PDFs of specific chapters to advance rural community discussion on subjects such as rural workforce development, sustainable rural communities through collaboration, or broadband, among a long list of other topics.

You can learn more about the framework and the book at Connecting Communities.


Source: Investing in Rural Prosperity | St. Louis Fed (