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Financial Education Webinars for Financial Literacy Month!

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has been doing a series of webinars in recent months for libraries on financial education.  They have been archived and can be found at ( )  Two of these webinars are listed below.

How to Promote Your Financial Education Program:

Since April is Financial Literacy Month and the week of April 18-25 is Money Smart Week, three librarians were asked to speak about the financial programming they had in their libraries in the past, what organizations they partnered/collaborated with and where these programs were held.   Since Money Smart Week is almost here, this webinar may have many ideas that libraries in Pennsylvania can use for programming in their communities.

Resources for Older Americans:

The speaker for this webinar was Jenefer Duane from the Financial Literacy Month.   She had a number of ideas for programming on financial matters in libraries dealing with topics such as financial exploitation and scams.  She listed numerous resources that can be used by librarians with local community partners.  This was an excellent webinar.

If you haven’t already seen them, take some time to look at these webinars.

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