Cornwall Iron Furnace is Next in a Series of Virtual Programs | Compendium

PA History: Read It, See It: Cornwall Iron Furnace

You’re invited to discover the fascinating history that surrounds you here in Pennsylvania!

PA History: Read It, See It is a new series of virtual programs presented by the State Library of Pennsylvania in collaboration with the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission.  Each month  features a fun and factual investigation into one of the  Trails of History sites. These programs will provide suggestions for books related to each topic that  you  may  find at your local  public  library, examples of  site-specific  rare and  historic  books from the vaults of the State Library’s unique Rare Collections Library,  and a special insider virtual tour of Pennsylvania’s Historic Sites and  Museums. Let us inspire you as you plan seasonal  road trips across our State!

This free, virtual series is appropriate for  learners and explorers of all ages and will be held the third Thursday of  each month from 12pm to 1pm.

You must register online in advance to attend these events. Online registration forms associated with each event are included within the event listing. Upon registering, you will receive a link to attend via the Zoom platform.

Each session will be recorded and, shortly after the event, will be added to the State Library’s Lunch-and-Learn archive online.

Thursday, September 16
“PA History: Read It, See It” 
Cornwall Iron Furnace (opens in a new window) (Industrial Heritage Trail)
Explore the most complete charcoal-fueled iron-making complex in the United States.

You must register online in advance to attend this event.
Please complete the online registration form  (opens in a new window) associated with this event to receive a link to attend via the Zoom platform.