Butler Area Public Library Partners with RMU Bayer Center to Offer Classes for librarians | Compendium

Bayer Center logoButler Area Public Library logoThe Butler Area Public Library is partnering with RMU Bayer Center to Offer Classes for librarians.


Conflict Toolbox
Wednesday, Oct. 12 from 9 a.m. –4 p.m.
It’s inevitable that your staff, your consumers, and your board (maybe even you!) will get irritated from time to time. It may feel easiest just to move on. However, it’s possible not only to understand and manage conflict, but to get to the root of it, resulting in fewer and less severe problems and an atmosphere of improved trust and openness. This class will focus on understanding dynamics of conflict and building a kit of specific skills. Wherever you experience conflict, this can help! We’ll put this into practice in the afternoon and not will only illustrate new ways to engage that conflict productively, but will provide lots of hands-on practice in a safe and experimental laboratory setting. Bring your toughest questions and we’ll see what gets the wheels turning once again.   Instructor: Susan Loucks, Bayer Center Fee: $100 (Lunch is not provided) 6 Continuing Education hours are available for public librarians.

Next Level Boardsmanship: Financial Oversight and Recruitment
Tuesday, November 8 from 9 a.m. –4 p.m.
In the morning, let’s arm your organization with the know-how to identify and engage your next extraordinary board member by learning: Tools for assessing possible gaps in board skills and diversity, innovative strategies for finding your next board member, key questions both the nonprofit and new board member should be asking one another, & methods to successfully orient and onboard new directors Join us in the afternoon as we review the primary ways that board members can fulfill their key fiduciary responsibilities, including avoiding mission drift, participating in the budgeting and auditing processes, reviewing regular reports, and understanding the organization’s overall financial outlook. We’ll answer your questions about acting as a fiduciary as well as discuss practical strategies for improving your board’s ability to fulfill this critical role.  Instructor: Evie Gardner, Bayer Center Fee: $100 (Lunch is not provided) 5.5 Continuing Education hours are available for public librarians.

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