Apply for the Tabletop Scribe Station | Compendium

Hear about Pennsylvania’s connection with the Digital Public Library (DPLA)? Reading about the wonderful historical items which can be found on “the web”? Anxious about how you can create digital objects from your unique gems which are eligible for digitization?

Equipment to digitize as well as commercial firms who process materials can be expensive for many libraries and historical societies. To counteract those costs, the State Library has been working with the Internet Archive to develop a portable Table Top Scribe station which the State Library can loan to institutions across the commonwealth. We have successfully completed our prototype and are working with a Beta site in preparations for use of the equipment in the next couple of weeks. We need to start planning to schedule the equipment for use around the rest of the commonwealth.

The process is quite easy:

While this is not a competitive application, there are some basic requirements for borrowing this equipment–

  • You must be responsible for transporting the equipment from Harrisburg and back (it weighs approximately 150 lbs.) as well as the equipment’s use in your facility.
  • You must be willing to upload your documents into the Internet Archive (you may also download the images and place them in your own repository or Access PA Content DM).
  • You must be willing to share your metadata with the PA DPLA service hub (this should happen automatically through Internet Archive’s connection with DPLA).
  • We encourage you to partner with local historical societies or museums in your area.
  • You should have firm goals for the project.
  • The material should have significance to Pennsylvania or major significance to the community. While the application process is not competitive, the State Library will try to schedule the equipment loans to accommodate special events in a particular region.

The period to borrow the equipment will need to be discussed with the State Library staff. Normally this will be up to four weeks but an extension is possible.

Questions about the process? Contact Alice Lubrecht ( ).