2016 One Book Author Visit Application | Compendium

Would your library like to host a visit from Will Hillenbrand in the spring of 2016?

If so, please complete the attached application form, have your director sign it and return it to Margie Stern, author coordinator at the email address provided.

Things to think about including in your description

  • What groups might you invite?  We ask that you have an audience of at least 50 children.  Do you participate in a local early childhood group with whom you could collaborate?  The One Book program target population is children three to six.
  • Do you have enough space in your library to host the event, can groups get to your location easily or do you need to find somewhere else in your community to hold the program?
  • Is there another library nearby that you could partner with for an event?
  • What would the program look like?  You need to have at least one other activity tied to the One Book title, Kite Day.  Is there a place you could have the program that has an open space nearby that you could have a kite demonstration or have the kids make and fly kites?
  • Would you need to do more than one program to accommodate all the programs you would like to invite?  Is there a program that serves an at-risk population that might have trouble traveling to your site that could have a benefit from a program at their site?
  • What businesses or organizations in your community might be willing to fund copies of the book for the children who attend?

Libraries will be notified whether they have been selected or not by November 30.


One Book Every Young Child


Author visit application

Return to Margie Stern


To be considered for an author visit this application MUST

  • contain a detailed description of what your would look like
  • be signed by your library director
  • be submitted by Friday, October 23.    

Library Name:



Contact Person:

Phone number:


Please give a full description of the visit. Include all groups/programs (childcare/Head Start, library, family, adult conference etc.) location of the program(s), approximate number to participate, and length of programs. You must include at least one literacy activity for children (other than the author reading).


If selected our library will:

  • Submit detailed listing of all events- dates, times, locations etc. as instructed in an additional document that will be provided.
  • Submit the evaluation and narrative reports within two weeks after the program/visit*
  • Strive to have at least 50 preschoolers in attendance.
  • Ask adults attending the visit(s) to complete a short survey
  • Keep Margie Stern up-to-date with changes to the schedule/location
  • Make the commitment to work with the One Book, Every Young Child program committee to bring Will Hillenbrand to our community.

Library Director:

Library Director’s Signature


*The evaluation contains a narrative section that must include specifics of the author visits.  Information is used to report to Institute for Museum and Library Services (IMLS), the Governor’s Advisory Council, and program sponsors.